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One Product Unlimited Applications

NautikFlor requires little attention from the owner, while demanding it from onlookers. The versatility and durability of the planks make it ideal for dealing with the conditions of your boat at sea or those as simple as spills and nicks in a home or office setting. Common application areas include cabins, restaurants, man caves, and bedrooms. The planks can be glued down or used as a floating floor. Cutting NautikFlor is as easy as scoring and snapping assuring that hatch accessibility will never be an issue.


NautikFlor for

your Boat

Boat Flooring

NautikFlor will instantly increase the value and allure of your nautical vessel with. Your boat will be the object of envy because of its elegance and the absence of the need for regular maintenance for much less than the cost of real teak.

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NautikFlor for

your Home

Nautical Themed Floor

You can’t take the ocean to your backyard, but you can enjoy the rich nautical look in your home. The planet friendly planks are the most inexpensive mix of waterproof durability and spectacular allure.

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NautikFlor for

your Business

Commercial Marine Flooring

Designing a captivating business setting has never been easier with NatikFlor’s quick install clock system. An office or restaurant will instantly turn into the gorgeous maritime escape with our flooring.

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